The Triangle

Dirty money, here’s how to clean it.

The Circle

The desert is no place to get lost

The Square

Weapons of Mass Destruction; don’t let them get on your nerves

The Ox Stunner

The Triangle Trilogy

Thick enough to stun an ox

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Edge Booster

Ever needed that little boost? Jacked into a ‘droid’s OS? Crashed a get rich quick scheme? Tapped into the secrets of the UK and the USA governments? Reprogrammed nanobots? Headed off a missile from the desert? Scraped coverup paint off an attack helicopter? Lived a native American dream?

You’re just the kind of person we need as a recruit. An Edge person. Now you need the guidebooks. Guidebooks to Life on the Edge.


Get rich quick with cybercash – just don’t tell GCHQ


How to boost your metabolism; just stay away from the edge

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